How do I install ACW mod for Empire Total War?

Can you mod empire total war?

Empire: Total War is, much more than previous Total War titles, made to be modded. Making mods and distributing them is much easier than before thanks to a special file system.

What does DarthMod Empire do?

DarthMod allows you to start a campaign with 40 units stack armies (instead of 20), and those armies are filled with regiments that sometimes include up to 500 units (mostly around 300/350).

Does DarthMod work on Mac?

The DarthMod mods will not work on the Mac versions, but if you install Parallels or Bootcamp on your Mac then you can load the Windows version of NTW and ETW and install the DarthMod modifications.

What is Total War DarthMod?

DarthMod productions formerly known as “Groovy Galaxy Productions” is a Mod Team dedicated to Total War games. … The Mod has gained 4 Winning Titles: in Favourite Mod; Favourite Gameplay Mod; Favourite AI; Favourite Modder; and one 2nd place: in Most Helpful/Responsive Mod Team.

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