How do you get easy opponents in clash of clans?

Start a new account and don’t upgrade any of the defenders, heroes or walls. Just the resource buildings and the town hall. Use this base in war to get easy opponents. This way, you earn 6 stars per engineered bases while losing 3 stars(Bad/No defense).

How are opponents determined in Clash of Clans?

Clans will be matched up based on the overall strength of its members. Strength is based on each member’s attacking power (troops, army camp capacity, spells and heroes) and defensive strength (defence buildings, walls, traps and heroes). Matchmaking will prioritize defensive capabilities in pairing Clans.

How do you get easy bases to attack in Clash of Clans?

Simply higher your league level, higher base strength, more active the players, lower probability of dead bases, as they consistently attacked by players. So, their trophy level goes down about 500–1000 trophies. I have maxed th10, th9 and two th8. At th10 base, I have 3020 trophies.

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Why does it take so long to find an opponent in Clash of Clans?

We’re aware that search times are taking much longer than usual for players at all levels. This is due to the high amount of attacks going on (Clan Games!) – please wait a few seconds before pressing the “next” button in multiplayer, this should help.

How is clan war opponent chosen?

How are clans matched for a clan war? Clan wars matchmaking matches clans based on the strength of their members. Unlike multiplayer battles, trophies have no influence in determining your clan wars opponent. After an opposing clan is found, the war immediately starts.

Do trophies matter in clash of clans?

There is a downside to having many trophies, and that’s that trophy count is an important factor in matchmaking. Thus, if you have many trophies you’re going to get raided often by high level players, and you’re likely to get matched up against hard opponents.

Are there any cheats for Clash of Clans?

Do Clash of Clans cheats really exist? … Cheat codes aren’t in the stars for Clash of Clans, as Supercell hasn’t shown any intention of putting them in. This makes sense as, being an online game, cheats would damage the overall fairness of the game, while also being risky, tricky, and not really worth the time.

Which COC th is best?

It’s best to get out of that th level asap. I think TH9 and TH8 are the Best and Balanced Town Hall Level…C urrently I am in Th9 and with 5 Builders in Hand. New updates are about to come which will Give a Boost to Air Attacks.

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What is the best army to train in Clash of Clans?

Dragon + P.E.K.K.A.’s

Dragons and P.E.K.K.A.s are the last two to unlock in the standard Barracks, making them the strongest troops of all. Dragons and P.E.K.K.A.s are great when separate, but when they come together they make your raids epic. To use this attack, train 5 Dragons and 4 P.E.K.K.A.s.

How long does it take to search for opponent clan?

Actually 10 minutes are common sometimes it takes 30 or even an hour to find a base to attack. Good luck and enjoy clashing.

How long does it take to find an opponent clan?

The matchmaking system will ensure your Clan is paired up with a Clan of roughly equal Strength (both attack and defense). The Clan War will start immediately after a suitable opponent has been found. Finding an opposing Clan can take several minutes, but there is no need to wait in the matchmaking screen.

What is an engineered base COC?

Engineered Bases are villages with very low-level defenses (or no defenses at all – defenseless villages) with high-level troops, Heroes and Town Hall. • The point of these villages is to have a base with low defenses and high offenses to create a small advantage on Clan Wars, matching against an easier clan.

How long does clan war take?

Clan Wars is a feature that was added in the Version 6.56. 1 update. Each epic 47 hour event (23 hour preparation + 24 hour battle day) is won by the clan who scores more stars. Bonus loot is your prize for winning the war.

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What increases war weight in clash of clans?

The higher the war weight gets by upgrading strong defence like Xbows, the stronger opponents you and your clan will get. When people upgrade their town hall to level 9 they are often quick to build the Xbows.