How do you get iron in Shogun 2 Total War?

Iron is extremely rare on the map, with only two provinces, Miyagi to the east and Mimasaka to the west, having the resource. The trade node to the north-west of the map also grants iron as a trade good. Provinces with iron as a resource can train troops more cheaply thanks to the discount iron mines provide.

Does Total War: Shogun 2 have cheats?

In order to get small in-game advantages while playing Total War: Shogun 2, gamers can opt to use cheat codes or trainers; however some users reported that the cheat codes don’t work.

How do you increase your income in Shogun 2?

Endgame, you will need to rely on your own provinces for your income. Furthermore, there are trading posts in the islands, especially to the west. Having trade ships in these can significantly boost your income.

How do I raise my daimyo in Shogun 2?

Great victories +1 (Max +3)>Daimyo winning a heroic victory. Polite Wife +1>Married to Daimyo. Rumors of Treason +1>If a general’s loyalty drops too low, an event sometimes triggers to have him commit seppuku. Accepting the event increases honour by +1.

How do you cheat in Napoleon total war?

Napoleon: Total War Cheats for PC

  1. INSERT-Enable the trainer.
  2. NUMPAD 1-Add more gold to the current amount.
  3. NUMPAD 2-Instantly access all special abilities.
  4. NUMPAD 3-Finish a construction in one turn.
  5. NUMPAD 4-Complete all ships and recruitments in one turn.
  6. NUMPAD 5-Finish a research in one turn.
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How do you get Metsuke?

Metsuke are recruited from regions with markets. By default, metsuke have 1 star of profiency when recruited. However, buildings in the intellectual chain and market chain grant newly trained metsuke more stars of proficiency.

What is realm divide Shogun 2?

Shogun 2 is known for a unique event for the series known as Realm Divide, in which one by one, all computer-controlled surviving clans declare war on the player (or players in coop-campaign mode) and ally with each other, though the player’s allies tend to do so later.

Does Total War Shogun 2 have a tutorial?

Nothing. There is no tutorial, no explenation, nothing. I have no idea, what to do on the world map, I can not grasp any of the tecnical terms used. I browsed the totalwar-academy website for 2 hours, now my head hurts.