Quick Answer: How do you use merchants in total war?

What do merchants do in total war?

The Merchant’s main purpose is to trade resources on the map. Merchants increase settlement trade income. The higher the merchant’s Finance skill, the higher the income from resources.

How do you use merchants in Medieval Total War?

You put the merchant on the pixel northeast of the resource pixel. Click the merchant, then without clicking anything else, hover right next to the resource. You’ll know you are at the right pixel when the text says you can trade the resource for n amount.

How do you increase your merchant skill in Medieval 2?

A few things help to develop merchants. TRAVEL AND EXPERIENCE: merchants gain experience by traveling to far away lands and finding a good resource to plunder over a long time. Try moving them across the board, one resource at a time. RESOURCE VALUE: The further the resource is from your capital, the more it is worth.

What do priests do in Medieval Total War 2?

The Priest’s main purpose is to convert settlements to their faction’s state religion and denounce Heretics or Witches. The higher the Priest’s Piety skill, the higher the chance of denouncing Heretics and Witches. Catholic priests additionally can become Cardinals or even Pope.

What do cardinals do in Medieval Total War 2?

Cardinals have no major changes in their roles and perform the same actions as both a priest and a bishop, unlike priests and bishops however, their presence has a large impact in the conversion of a settlements religion or expelling heresy and are immune to the effects of heretics and can not be converted from your …

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