Your question: Is it a good idea to drop trophies in clash of clans?

Is it worth dropping trophies in Clash Royale?

It seems to make sense to drop a small number of trophies, go from 4300 to 4000 or something like that, one arena level. It saves time getting wins, gold, completing quests. Better than doing battle after battle having them go into overtime due to getting overmatched.

Why do people drop heroes in COC?

They will usually drop a hero, if they have one, and ‘Surrender’ immediately after. … A good reason to use this is to save your Heroes before they lose too much health so you can use them again sooner than if you let their health reach 0.

How do I stop losing trophies in clash of clans?

Take some time off. Take it to consideration that you’re playing for fun, not for trophies. If you lose don’t go hard on yourself. Play 2v2 or just, Stop Playing and do something else productive to get to a good mood.

Is 5000 trophies good in Clash Royale?

You will be able to climb back while collecting the new rewards. If you reset above or exactly at 5000 trophies, you’re still in the Leagues, and you will be able to climb even higher than before during this season! So aim high! For King Level 11 players and beyond, you can now find the Gold Crates in your Chest cycle.

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Do trophies matter in clash of clans?

There is a downside to having many trophies, and that’s that trophy count is an important factor in matchmaking. Thus, if you have many trophies you’re going to get raided often by high level players, and you’re likely to get matched up against hard opponents.

How many trophies should you have at town hall 7?

I am a fresh th7. After a few raids and league jumps, I found out that it depends upon which type of resource you are farming for. If you want to farm dark elixir, then 1300-1500 is the range where you get it. If you are looking for gold and elixir, I would recommend the 1100-1200 range of trophies.

Why should I drop trophies?

Since higher level bases and more serious players tend to have more trophies, losing trophies will help you encounter more casual players. Especially if you are using a weak army like barch and having difficulty, it may be a good idea.

What is the highest loot in COC?

Calculation: Elixir & Gold count as 1 point per 1 resource and Dark Elixir counts as 100 points per 1 Dark Elixir.


Rank Name Total Score
1 Gunnar050192 4,775,000
2 Shashank Rock 4,755,000
3 Suhas619 4,747,542
4 Awaad42vr 4,596,370

Can Treasury loot be stolen?

The Treasury safeguards bonus loot from Clan Wars, Clan Games, and Star Bonuses. … Only 3% of loot stored in the Treasury will be stolen if an attacker completely destroys your Clan Castle, and if it’s not destroyed in an attack the attacker will not steal any loot from it at all.

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Can you go down a league in clash of clans?

On the other hand, demotion occurs when the player drops more than 100 trophies below the limit required to join that division of the league (50 trophies for Bronze League II and I). … There is no limit to the number of times players can be promoted or demoted during a season.