Can you convert castles in aoe2?

Age of Empires II. … In Age of Empires II, Monks perform conversions (and Missionaries, too, in the case of the Spanish). First available in the Castle Age, Monks can initially convert all enemy units except other Monks and siege weapons, but they cannot convert buildings.

Can castles be converted?

Monks can convert enemy buildings (except Town Centers, Castles, Monasteries, Farms, Fish Traps, walls, Gates, and Wonders) and siege weapons.

Can monks convert aoe4?

The Monk is a religious support unit in Age of Empires IV available to the Chinese, English and French that can be trained at the Monastery. It has no combat ability, but can pick up Relics, convert enemy units, and capture Sacred Sites.

Can monks convert trebs?

Once researched, it allows Monks and Missionaries to convert enemy siege weapons and most buildings. All buildings as well as Trebuchets and Battering Rams cannot be converted from a distance, meaning the Monk or Missionary has to stand directly next to the building/unit to convert it.

Do monks automatically convert?

The Monk is guaranteed to convert his target at the end of the 10th CI. Attempts to convert buildings start at the 15th CI and are guaranteed to succeed at the end of the 25th CI.

Can monks convert ships aoe2?

Lacking any means of attack, Monks are one of only two units able to convert other units to the player’s side, the other being the Spanish Missionary. They heal allied units and the player’s own units, except for ships and siege weapons.

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How long does it take to convert a building aoe2?

Conversion has a range of 12, takes 6 seconds to complete, and cannot be used on heroes, Daimyo, Shogun Tokugawa, villagers, healers, and wagons/travois/rickshaws. As in Age of Empires II, certain units are resistant to Conversion, though few are vulnerable: 1.5× for melee units.