Can you transfer Clash of Clans to another device?

Can you use the same Clash of Clans account on two devices?

You can surely play clash of clans on two devices or even many more devices . You just have to connect your base with a google play account and then you can access it on any device just by loging up with the same google account on any device.

How do I transfer my Clash of Clans from iphone to Android 2021?

Transfer a Clash of Clans village from iOS to Android

  1. Install Clash of Clans on your new device and open it on both devices.
  2. Open the Settings menu within the app on both devices.
  3. Select Link a device on both devices.
  4. Choose ‘This is the old device’ on your iOS device and ‘This is the New Device’ on your Android.

How can I transfer my COC account to another Apple ID?

It’s very easy. If you are a Android user then sign into Google Play Games using your email id and all the game progress will be saved there which will automatically be used if you enter your email in new phone. And if you are iOS user , just sign into Game Centre using Apple id.

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How can I link my Clash of Clans without old device?

Download COC on the Android.

Let me guide you through the process.

  1. Open clash of clans .
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Check if your Google account is connected to your base.
  4. After it is checked , click on Supercell id option.
  5. Then click on new account option.
  6. Then type your Google account in the given space.
  7. Click next .

How do I give my Clash of Clans account to someone else?

Then open your clash of clans account, then click on settings and then on “ link an account”. Now select “this is old device” or some thing like that. Well first of all, Happy Clashiversary to all the players. So yes you can give the account to someone else with having the access and without password.

How can I copy my CoC base from Internet?

Go to clan search, Mark your targeted TH Player and join the clan. Once you Join it, Visit the player”s base then you will find Copy Layout Button at the top right-hand side, Click on that, save it and Join your Clan back.

Can you transfer your Clash of Clans account from Android to iPhone?

Open clash of clans in both devices then You could go to settings, then link another device after that you have to choose Select OLD DEVICE on the device you would like to move your village FROM. As in this case you are connecting a android to ios device so you will get a code which you have to put in your iPhone.

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Can I transfer my Game Center to Android?

You can’t. Because Game Center is iOS only. So to carry over the progress, you need to sign into another Apple device with the same Apple ID you used on your previous device. Your progress cannot be transferred over to an Android if it is linked to Game Center.

How do I retrieve my old Clash of Clans account?


  1. Open the Clash of Clans application.
  2. Go to Game Settings.
  3. Connect to a Google+ account so you can link your old village.
  4. Find the Help and Support tab in the Game Settings menu.
  5. Select Report an Issue.
  6. Select Other Problem.

Can you transfer Clash of Clans from IPAD to iPhone?

Step 1: Create a Supercell ID. … Now, Clash of Clans will safely be saved to your Supercell ID forever. You can restore it to any device, on iOS or Android, whenever you need to. Now, open Clash of Clans on your new phone or tablet and essentially repeat the steps to sign into your Supercell ID and restore your village.

Does Clash of Clans backup to iCloud?

Question: Q: Does iCloud back up back up supercell games such as clash of clans and progress? Answer: A: Answer: A: It is up to the app developer whether or not game progress is saved in backups.