How can I restart my Clash of Clans without resetting my IOS?

How do you start over on Clash of Clans IOS?

As per Supercell’s support website, Clash of Clans wasn’t designed with quitting and restarting in mind. On iOS, your village is tied to your Game Center account, so you’ll have to log in with a different Game Center account or download the game on a new device.

How can I restart my Clash of Clans without resetting my device IOS 2021?

How can I restart my Clash of Clans without resetting my IOS?

  1. Step one is to go to your device’s settings.
  2. Then.
  3. Search for “Installed Applications” in the list.
  4. Locate “Clash of Clans” in the list.
  5. Simply select “Clear Data.
  6. ” Clash of Clans may now be opened.
  7. And enjoyed on a fresh version of the game.

How do I permanently delete my Clash of Clans account IOS?

How do I delete my clash of clans account permanently?

  1. Open clash of clans.
  2. Open settings then click help and support.
  3. Then type “I want to delete my clash of clans account”.
  4. Click on arrow looking icon on the top of your screen.
  5. The message will be sent to supercell .

How do you make a new Clash of Clans account without deleting the old one?

You just need to add your current account with a google account. Accounts never get deleted if linked. In an android phone, if both your accounts are added, then you can certainly switch accounts without deleting either one. You open the game.

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How do I recover my Clash of Clans Account 2021?

To retrieve a Clash of Clans account, first of all, you will need to download and install the application on your device. As soon as you launch the game, click on the gear in the northwest corner of your screen. You will be presented with a settings window with options to recover your account.

Does Clash of Clans delete inactive accounts?

1 Answer. No, Supercell will not delete a base or remove it for inactivity. It will just sit and wait for the owner to eventually come back online.