How do I make a second account on clash of clans?

How do I make a second account on Clash of Clans 2021?

Tap the blue button next to “Connected” which looks like two arrows curving into each other. If the title screen is shown, tap the “Log in with Supercell ID” button. A list of linked accounts will appear, tap the correct account you want to switch into.

Can you have 2 Clash of Clans accounts on one device?

yes you can have 2 clash of clan account on one android phone.

How do you make a new Clash of Clans account without deleting the old one?

You just need to add your current account with a google account. Accounts never get deleted if linked. In an android phone, if both your accounts are added, then you can certainly switch accounts without deleting either one. You open the game.

Can you have multiple COC accounts on one supercell ID?

Supercell ID is the only supported method for playing several game accounts on the same device. When creating a Supercell ID for all of your accounts, remember to tick the box “Remember me on this device,” and you’ll be able to switch between your accounts seamlessly.

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How many Clash of Clans accounts can I have?

When you are logged on to a device and have any Supercell game installed, you can link up to 50 email addresses or Supercell IDs on that installation or user account.

How do I make a new Clash of Clans account without supercell ID?

Enter settings, tap on the button under the heading “Supercell ID,” and then tap on “Log out” in Supercell ID options. The game will restart, and you now see a menu in the loading screen. Tap “Play without Supercell ID.” The account from your Google or Game Center account will now load.

How do I make a second Clash of Clans account on Iphone 2020?

All you need to do is to get the app and open it. Tap the “+” icon, find COC and add it. Now open Clash of Clans that you just added to Parallel Space, go to game “Settings” and then sign in the second account that you wish to load. You now have 2 COC accounts running simultaneously.