How do you join a closed clan in clash of clans?

No you cant, once the can is set to Closed , they wont receive any join requests (as in physically). Its not like Invite only where you can still send a request to join.

How do you join an old clan in clash of clans?

If you have left the clan and not bookmarked it then tap on your clan castle, tap “clan” and tap “search clans” and type the name of your old clan and you can find it. If you have a friend in that clan you can find him out in your “social” list and apply to join his clan.

Why can’t I join a clan on clash of clans?

It’s because, they have kicked you out or rejected your join request. Wait for a day, or 24 hrs from the action. Then approach the clan, edit your join description with some pleasing words. You can now join if they accept.

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What is the oldest clan in clash of clans?

Oldest and still active clan in the game’s history is THE ORDER (#2PP) level 2 clan. They are officially recognised by supercell to be the 1st clan of the game. Their war log is public so you can see the first war they played was 1004 days ago as on March 20, 2017.

Can you join a clan after leaving?

No, you will not get rewards if you leave the clan before clan games to get rewards in a clan you need to stay till the end of clan games but if you leave the clan in the middle of the games then you can join clan after a week of completion of clan games or in between it other wise you will not get any rewards .

How do I join a clan?

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  1. Open Clash of Clans.
  2. Rebuild your clan castle.
  3. Tap the blue star with your level in the upper-right corner.
  4. Tap the Clans tab.
  5. Search for a clan and tap the clan name.
  6. Review the clan requirements and tap Join.
  7. Write a join request message and tap Send.

How do I join a clan in clash of clans 2020?

To actively recruit new members, tap on the “Find new members” button in the “My Clan” tab. This is a machine learning-powered search function that will match players who are of a similar play style as your Clan.

How do you unlock clan castle?

Players begin the game with a ruined Clan Castle. While it is in ruins, it is surrounded by Obstacles (plants and stones) and cannot be moved. Rebuilding a Clan Castle requires 10,000 Gold but doesn’t require a free Builder or any time. Once it is rebuilt, players are able to create a Clan or join an existing one.

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How do I join a clan in Vanguard?

How to Join a Clan

  1. Launch Vanguard’s Multiplayer mode.
  2. Open the Social Menu by clicking on the icon on the top right, pressing Triangle, or pressing Y.
  3. You can then choose to join any of the Clans in the Recommended or All Clans tab.

At what th Can you join a clan?

To create or join a Clan, you must be at least level 1. Once you are at level 1, tap the Clan Tab and you will see on the upper part of the screen the options to Create your own Clan or Search for an existing Clan to join. Creating a Clan costs 1000 Gold.

Who is the richest player in Clash of Clans?

Top Players of 2019 for Clash of Clans

Player ID Total (Game)
1. Wei $61,000.00
2. Youzi Pi $51,500.00
3. JUAN $51,000.00
4. Lp $50,000.00

Who has the most trophies in Clash of Clans?

Breakable Records:

Title Achievement Score
King of Clans Highest clan trophy count 65,267
Mr. Generous Highest amount of troops donated in a season 1,465,555
Mr. Leecher Highest amount of troops received in a season 150,000
Quick Bars Most total clan donations in one season 11,356,408

Who is the highest level on Clash of Clans?

Golem maximum level increased from 8 to 9.


  • Barbarian King maximum level increased from 60 to 65.
  • Archer Queen maximum level increased from 60 to 65.
  • Grand Warden maximum level increased from 30 to 40.

Can I start my own clan?

Access the Pause menu, then select Communication followed by Clan. Then select the “Start Your Own Clan” option.

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Why does it say war spectating is not allowed?

“Prevent opening of war screen during CWL if you’re not at least Elder or included in the roster for all League levels.” In Clan War Leagues, the leaders sign up the clan and the members at the start. … In this case, these players will not even be able to spectate the wars.

Can I play clan games in two clans?

Clan Games is an event during which Clan members complete challenges to maximize the entire Clan’s rewards. … After you choose a Challenge, it is not possible to leave the Clan to participate in another Clans’ Clan Games.