How do you start a second account on Clash of Clans?

Can I have 2 COC accounts?

yes you can have 2 clash of clan account on one android phone.

How many COC accounts can I have?

When you are logged on to a device and have any Supercell game installed, you can link up to 50 email addresses or Supercell IDs on that installation or user account.

How do I make a second account on clash Royale?

When it is ready, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Sign out of your current account by going to “Settings” > “Game Center” > Your account > “Sign Out”.
  2. Enter the other Apple ID or Game Center account and password to create another Clash Royale account.
  3. Open the game and you are now on your new account.

How do you make a new Clash of Clans account without deleting the old one?

You just need to add your current account with a google account. Accounts never get deleted if linked. In an android phone, if both your accounts are added, then you can certainly switch accounts without deleting either one. You open the game.

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