Is Starcraft and jayco the same?

Fast forward to 1991, Jayco purchased the RV division of Starcraft making it a subsidiary under Jayco. Jayco RVs are renowned for their extremely high quality, affordability, and layout choices. The brand is one that prioritizes quality craftsmanship and focuses on providing an excellent customer experience.

Are Starcraft trailers good?

Starcraft has always been a solid company with great trailers for many years. More recently Jayco bought Starcraft. Jayco has a very good reputation and builds many entry level but well built trailers. My inclination is to go with Starcraft as the better of the two although they are fairly close.

Who builds Jayco?

Jayco, Inc., a subsidiary of Thor Industries, is an American manufacturer of recreation vehicles. The company manufactures fold-down (also called “pop-up”) camping trailers, conventional travel trailers, toy haulers, fifth-wheel travel trailers, and motorhomes (Class A and C).

WHO is Starcraft RV made by?

Starcraft is most recently owned by Thor Industries, who bought Jayco, which owned Starcraft at the time of purchase. Starcraft Corp. began roughly 100 years ago as Star Tank Co. and manufactured farming equipment.

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Who owns Jayco now?

Thor Industries announced Friday that it has purchased Jayco Corp., a Middlebury-based RV company that had been founded and operated by the Bontrager family for 48 years.

Are Starcraft campers made by Jayco?

Jayco purchased the RV Division of Starcraft Corp. in 1991.

How much is a 2016 Starcraft launch worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $18,328 $19,000
Options (Add)
Total Price $18,328 $19,000
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Is Jayco a good brand?

Jayco is a top-selling, popular brand of RVs, easily spotted by their bluebird logo. Jayco trailers are known for high quality, a huge choice of layouts, and affordability. … If you’re actively considering a new travel trailer purchase, or just planning for a future investment, Jayco is a great company to investigate.

How long do Jayco trailers last?

The typical lifespan of trailers lasts 10 years on average, some even more, but Jayco is one of the best trailer companies today. They are an award-winning company with over 50 years of making high-quality and durable RVs.

Does Thor own Jayco?

In June 2016, THOR acquired Jayco, which includes strong subsidiaries such as Jayco, Starcraft RV, Highland Ridge and Entegra Coach, including brands like Jay Flight, the number-one selling travel trailer for the past 14 years. Jayco is based in Northern Indiana, with additional facilities in Idaho.

Where are StarCraft RV made?

About Starcraft RV

With headquarters and operating facilities in Topeka, Indiana, in the heart of Amish country, Starcraft RV manufactures and markets towable RVs under the Starflyer, Comet, AR-ONE, Launch, Travel Star, and Autumn Ridge brand names.

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Where are StarCraft trailers manufactured?

In a move brought on by improved economic conditions, the Starcraft RV division of Jayco, Inc. today announced that it has resumed production in its Topeka, Indiana plant.

How much is a 2006 StarCraft pop up camper worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $4,870 $5,450
Options (Add)
Total Price $4,870 $5,450
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Is entegra and Jayco the same?

In the spring of 2008, Entegra Coach became a member of the Jayco family. … It’s because of this commitment to quality and craftsmanship that the Entegra Coach brand has earned the reputation of an industry-leading luxury motorhome manufacturer.

What is the difference between Jayco and entegra?

While the differences in the structure of the RVs themselves aren’t tremendous, there are differences between them in addition to the brand and exterior decor. For example, Entegra’s version gets a windshield in the front nose cap, whereas the Jayco does not. However, that may or may not be a bad thing.

Are Jayco caravans made in China?

Of the camper trailers there were four recognisable Australian brand campers: a Jayco, an Aussie Swag, a Camp-o-Matic (though these have in recent years been built in China) and a Challenge. All the rest were Chinese in origin, and almost universally they exhibited a common and unique camp set-up.