Question: How do you check your storage on clash of clans?

Where is my storage in clash of clans?

Storage. Your Magic Items inventory is located on the Town Hall and Builder Hall. There is a limit of each Magic Item you can save on your inventory.

How much storage does clash of clans take?

Gold Pass modifiers

Level Storage Capacity Town Hall Level Required
4 12,000 3
5 25,000 3
6 45,000 3
7 100,000 4

How do I get more storage for clash of clans?

Upgrading storage is inevitable in clash of clans. Upgrading requires gold elixer and dark elixer, to obtain higher levels you need more resource as a result you have to increase the storage. Build storafe and upgrade wisely.

Where does the loot go if storage is full?

If your storages are full, there’s literally no place for your loot to go when you raid, so you lose it.

How do you check magic storage in clash of clans?

Magic Items that you have won will be stored in your Treasury – look for the new “Magic Items” button in the Clan Castle to view your complete inventory of Books and Potions! Magic Items can’t be looted from your Treasury, but you can only hold a limited number of each item at once.

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What is the highest loot in COC?

Calculation: Elixir & Gold count as 1 point per 1 resource and Dark Elixir counts as 100 points per 1 Dark Elixir.


Rank Name Total Score
1 Gunnar050192 4,775,000
2 Shashank Rock 4,755,000
3 Suhas619 4,747,542
4 Awaad42vr 4,596,370

What is the most loot stolen in Clash of Clans?

Gold and Elixir

Town Hall Level % Available to be Stolen Cap
1 20% 500*
2 20% 1,700*
3 20% 20,000*
4 20% 100,000*

How many MB is COC?

On average, Clash of Clans uses around 12-20 MB of internet data per hour, which is less than average for an online game. Although the data usage per hour of the game might fluctuate, it generally stays under 25 MB. Each attack in Clash of Clans consumes around 200KB to 1 MB on average.

How much loot can be stolen from storages?

Until you reach Town Hall 5, 20% from your gold/elixir can be stolen from the storages. The cap for this is 200k. From TH6 and onwards, this percentage drops by 2% for each TH level. From TH7 and above the cap increases with 50k for each TH level.

How do you get loot from Town Hall?

Your town hall simply acts more1 like a storage as of the TH11 update. It contains up to a certain amount of loot (see here for a chart on how much) in it that will be obtained if and only if the town hall is destroyed. There is no way to prevent it from being stored in there, nor to remove loot from it.

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What is the highest town hall in clash of clans?

The June 11, 2018 gave the Town Hall an update;

  • Added the level 12 Town Hall.
  • This update made it so that you would have to place all buildings down before being able to upgrade to the next Town Hall level.

Is it better to leave loot in clan castle?

According to this only 3% of the loot stored in your clan castle can be taken during a raid. Whereas 20% can be stolen from your gold storage and elixir storage according to the wiki. Therefore it is safer to keep your loot in the clan castle if you don’t plan on spending it immediately.

What happens when Treasury is full COC?

If your Treasury is full and you are rewarded with more resources, the overflow resources will be lost. To use the resources you must “collect” them. … If you tap “collect” and your Storages don’t have enough space, the remaining resources will stay on the Treasury; they will not be lost.

Does extra loot go to Treasury?

Treasury capacity is determined by Town Hall level and by the Clan Perks of any clan the player is in. … The player can earn 5 stars in multiplayer battles that earn you a loot bonus every 24 hours (the exact period is a little shorter). The loot star bonus is stored in the Treasury.