Quick Answer: Who can you play as in Rome Total War 2?

List of playable factions in the Imperator Augustus Campaign Pack: Marc Antony, Lepidus, Octavian, Pompey, Iceni, Marcomanni, Dacia, Egypt, Parthia and Armenia (also playable in the TWR2 Grand Campaign).

What factions are playable in Rome Total War 2?

The playable factions are divided into ten cultural groups: Hellenic, Latin, Punic, Celtic, Germanic, Desert Nomadic, Iberian, Tribal Nomadic, Balkan, and Eastern. Each has unique traits.

Can you unlock all factions in Rome 2?

These factions unlock as you complete campaigns. Alternatively, you can unlock all factions immediately by following the steps below: From the Main Menu, select Options. … All campaign factions will now be unlocked when starting a new Imperial Campaign.

Can you play as Macedon in Rome Total War?

Description. The Macedonians were a non-playable faction in Rome Total War and can be played in multiplayer by editing the descr_strat. txt file. The Macedonian roster is composed of excellent pike infantry and cavalry alongside having good siege weapons but lacking in melee infantry.

How many armies can you have in Rome 2?

Each province — two to four cities — can field no more than three armies or fleets, each led by a noble general. This limitation means that you’ll concentrate your forces in large armies and fight huge battles, not tiny skirmishes. The number of spies is also limited. The map interface is also well conceived.

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Is Total War Rome 2 free?

Is this game available for free? Yes, Total War: Rome II is available for free.

How do you unlock all campaigns in Rome Total War?

Navigate to ROME: Total War. Enable Unlock All Factions, located under ROME: TOTAL WAR SETTINGS. Close the Settings app and relaunch the game. All campaign factions will now be unlocked when starting a new Imperial Campaign.

How do you get all the Rome 2 DLC for free?

Claim a FREE DLC for Total War: ROME II

  1. Visit Total War website.
  2. Log-in or register a new account.
  3. Pick Total War: ROME II DLCs option and select Wrath of Sparta Campaign Pack, Black Sea Colonies Culture Pack or Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack.
  4. Log-in through Steam and allow Total War Access to activate a key on your account.