What is the new spell in clash of clans?

The Invisibility Spell is a brand new spell that the players can unlock when they upgrade their Spell Factory to 6th level at Town Hall level 11. This spell can be considered as a double-edged sword because it hurts the user as much as the opponent.

Which is the best spell in COC?

The Rage Spell is the best spell in the game hands down. It makes your troops faster and stronger, making it great for destroying villages faster. Unlocked at Town Hall 7, this spell isn’t the cheapest to upgrade, but is definitely the most useful.

What is green spell in COC?

Invisibility Spell Explained

The Invisibility Spell creates a green ring on the battlefield where all troops AND defenses inside will be invisible. While invisible, troops and buildings can’t be targeted.

What is the spell of COC?

Temporarily Available

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Home Village Army
Elixir Spells Lightning Spell • Healing Spell • Rage Spell • Jump Spell • Freeze Spell • Clone Spell • Invisibility Spell
Dark Spells Poison Spell • Earthquake Spell • Haste Spell • Skeleton Spell (Skeleton) • Bat Spell (Bat)

What is the first spell you get in clash of clans?

Lightning Spell- The lightning spell is the original, very first Clash of Clans spell and is used for taking out buildings.

Does clone spell work on bats?

Fixed a bug where Bats from Bat Spell that have been cloned by Clone Spell will deal reduced damage to storages and Town Hall just as their original counterparts do. Added the level 6 Clone Spell.

What does invisibility spell do COC?

It allows any offensive or defensive unit (with the exception of walls and siege machines) in its radius to turn invisible and be unable to be targeted by anything until they step out of the radius or the duration runs out.

Is invisibility spell good COC?

The Invisibility Spell synergizes very well with the Electro Dragon. It can protect the Electro Dragon, make it skip less important buildings, and also allow it to chain back to said less important buildings before targeting them again. … As such, Healers will heal a troop even after it becomes invisible.

How do you cast an invisibility spell?

Anything the target is wearing or carrying is invisible as long as it is on the target’s person. The spell ends for a target that attacks or casts a spell. At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 3rd level or higher, you can target one additional creature for each slot level above 2nd.

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What is the purple spell in clash of clans?

The Rage Spell is the 3rd spell unlocked when the Spell Factory is level 3 or above, requiring the Town Hall to be at least level 7. It creates a translucent purple ring on the battlefield that boosts the movement speed and damage of any friendly Troops and Heroes inside the ring.

How many spells are there in COC?

There are currently 7 permanently in-game Elixir Spells: the Lightning Spell, Healing Spell, Rage Spell, Jump Spell, Freeze Spell, Clone Spell and Invisibility Spell.

How do you use the super spell in clash of clans?

Step by Step Process

  1. Click on the Sauna building.
  2. Click on the Troop you want to convert to a Super Troop.
  3. A new window will give the option to either use Super Potion or Dark Elixir for the upgrade.
  4. Click on the Super Potion to use it to upgrade your Troop.

How long do spells last in COC?

It lasts for a total of 12 seconds (40 healing ‘pulses’ every 0.3 seconds).

Can you upgrade spells in clash of clans?

Yes, you can continue to brew spells and train troops while upgrading them in the laboratory. Also, if you have any of that troops or spell in your camp/spell factory when the research completes, they will automatically be upgraded.

What is the darkest spell in Harry Potter?

Harry Potter: The 10 Darkest Spells (That Aren’t The Unforgivable…

  • 3 Memory Charms.
  • 4 Reducto. …
  • 5 Confringo. …
  • 6 Legilimens. …
  • 7 Expulso Curse. …
  • 8 Protego Diabolica. …
  • 9 Snake Summons Spell. …
  • 10 Sectumsempra. This deadly spell is cast by Harry in the sixth installment of the series. …
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How much damage does a Level 5 Lightning spell do?

Lightning Spell

Level Damage Research time
5 270 1 day
6 320 4 days
7 400 7 days
8 480 10 days 12 hours