You asked: How do I change my supercell ID on clash of clans?

Every player can change their username for free once, to make sure you can enjoy your game with a handle that you like. This feature unlocks at Town Hall level 5. To change your name, open the in-game Settings window, then press “More Settings” and then the “Change name” button. Follow the on-screen instructions.

How do I change my supercell ID email?

How do I change my SuperCell ID email?

  1. You must choose the button: log out of Supercell.
  2. Then you can create a new ID with your email.
  3. You can also change the current one by selecting the tab: user modification.

How do I reset my supercell ID?

Recover your Supercell ID

  1. Search your email accounts for any messages mentioning Supercell ID. This will help you figure out with which email you created your Supercell ID.
  2. Then, once you know with which email you signed up, enter the in-game Settings, tap on “Disconnected” and login.

How do I unlink my clash of clans account from supercell ID?

If you want to unlink your Supercell ID just go to Settings -> Help and Support. Next, press the Lost Account button and then press Contact Us. Write a message to Supercell to unlink your account. After you send your message, within 24hrs your account will become locked.

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How do I change my email on Clash of Clans 2020?

Go To help and support first on settings. Than Tell The Reason why you want to change the email id . they will verify your account , than that will send you a link code. just open a new base with gmail id & link that code.

Can you change supercell ID password?

Your Supercell ID is your email address. Even if somebody else knows your password, which would be foolish on your part and you should change it immediately, You can go into CoC and sign in requesting authentication. They will email you a new authentication code. Use it and you will immediately have your account back.