Best answer: Is Starcraft part of Jayco?

Fast forward to 1991, Jayco purchased the RV division of Starcraft making it a subsidiary under Jayco. Jayco RVs are renowned for their extremely high quality, affordability, and layout choices. The brand is one that prioritizes quality craftsmanship and focuses on providing an excellent customer experience.

Are Starcraft campers made by Jayco?

Jayco purchased the RV Division of Starcraft Corp. in 1991.

Does Jayco still make Starcraft?

Jayco Starcraft has been discontinued.

What company makes Starcraft RV?

Starcraft RV – The future of camping. Pure and simple. – THOR Industries.

What is a jayco Starcraft?

The Jayco Starcraft has two different floor plans that sleep between three and five people and features exterior aluminium cladding with market-leading, fully insulated quad-layer walls, aluminium frame and external ply, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Is Starcraft better than Jayco?

Unsurprisingly, when it comes to floor plans, Starcraft has Jayco beat. This is not only down to the sheer number of models available in its line-up, but also the fact that there are certain Starcraft models such as the Autumn Ridge travel trailer that has 140 floorplans.

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Is Starcraft a good RV brand?

Perhaps one of the lesser-known but still exceptional long-running motorhome brands in the RV industry is Starcraft. When searching for a new RV, there are numerous makes and models and motorhome companies to choose between. However, Starcraft is one of the best in the industry for towable RVs and is worth considering.

What is the difference between a jayco journey and a Jayco Starcraft?

One of the differences between the Starcraft and the Journey is that while the former has aluminium cladding, the latter has a composite fibreglass exterior. It has a high-gloss finish and is designed to be both hail and dent resistant.

How long is jayco Starcraft?

Starcraft bushpack | Floor Plan: 12.38-2. BP. SC-MY21

Body length (mm) 3830
Interior height (mm) 2015
Travel height (mm) 2470
Travel length (mm) 5060
Travel width (mm) 2470

What is jayco Starcraft Bush pack?

Jayco Starcraft Caravan

The Jayco Bushpack Caravan is specially designed for off-road exploring, with a host of durable, advanced features including an underslung axle, protective side checker plates, 15-inch rims and solar provision – so that you can remain charged wherever your heart leads you.

Where are Starcraft RV made?

About Starcraft RV

With headquarters and operating facilities in Topeka, Indiana, in the heart of Amish country, Starcraft RV manufactures and markets towable RVs under the Starflyer, Comet, AR-ONE, Launch, Travel Star, and Autumn Ridge brand names.

Are Starcraft trailers good?

Starcraft has always been a solid company with great trailers for many years. More recently Jayco bought Starcraft. Jayco has a very good reputation and builds many entry level but well built trailers. My inclination is to go with Starcraft as the better of the two although they are fairly close.

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Where are Starcraft trailers manufactured?

In a move brought on by improved economic conditions, the Starcraft RV division of Jayco, Inc. today announced that it has resumed production in its Topeka, Indiana plant.

How long is a jayco Starcraft Outback?

​Jayco Starcraft Outback = 22’6″ in length. Two full size bunks at the back.

What is a Starcraft TL?

Jayco has narrowed the gap between its range-topping Silverline caravans and its popular budget Starcraft caravans by introducing a new ‘TL’ (Tough Frame / Leatherette) option for 2016.

How high is a jayco Starcraft pop top?

Starcraft touring | Floor Plan: 12.38-1. SC-MY21

Interior height (mm) 2015
Travel height (mm) 2360
Travel length (mm) 5060
Travel width (mm) 2470
Travel width inc awning (mm) 2470