Frequent question: What is the best war strategy for clash of clans?

Probably the most popular and easiest war tactic to organize your clan. All members must attack the “mirrored” enemy on the first attack. If you are the number 11 you should attack the enemy number 11. The big pro on this tactic is how easy it is to organize.

What is the best strategy for clash of clans?

10 tips and tricks that will help you win ‘Clash of Clans’

  • Upgrade collectors and mines. …
  • Don’t break your shield. …
  • Join a clan. …
  • Upgrade defences. …
  • Upgrade troops. …
  • Use cheap attacks, such as “Barch.” …
  • Put the Town Hall outside the walls. Max Slater-Robins / BI. …
  • And finally, be patient. Max Slater-Robins / BI.

What is the best army for clash of clans?

Here are ten of the most popular and devastating Clash of Clans attacks that you can use to dominate your opponents.

  1. 1 King/Queen/Healers/Golems/Wiz.
  2. 2 Drags/P.E.K.K.A.s/Healers/Giants. …
  3. 3 Giants/Gobs/Archers. …
  4. 4 Golems/Wiz/P.E.K.K.A.s. …
  5. 5 Golems/Valks/Hog Riders. …
  6. 6 Balloons/Archers. …
  7. 7 Giants/Wiz/Healers. …
  8. 8 Giants/Wiz/Loons. …

How are clans matched up in clan wars?

Clans are matched up based on the overall strength of its members. Strength is based on each member’s attacking power (troops, army camp capacity and spells) and defensive power (defense buildings, walls and traps). Unlike in Multiplayer mode, trophies do not factor in when clans are matched. …

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What is the most powerful defense in Clash of Clans?

The most important defenses are:

  • Mortars for horde troops, especially around Town Hall 6-8 where BARCH raids are common.
  • Air Defense for air units, once dragon and minion raids start to become common.
  • X-Bows for their all-around rapid rate of fire.
  • Wizard Towers for their splash damage.

Is Pekka the strongest troop in Clash of Clans?

The P.E.K.K.A is the Elixir Troop to have the highest DPS and hitpoints, although the Wall Breaker deals the highest damage to its preferred target, the Walls. The P.E.K.K.A, Barbarian, Archer, Giant, Goblin, Wall Breaker, Balloon, Wizard, Healer, and the Dragon are the oldest units in the game.

Are there cheats for Clash of Clans?

Do Clash of Clans cheats really exist? … Cheat codes aren’t in the stars for Clash of Clans, as Supercell hasn’t shown any intention of putting them in. This makes sense as, being an online game, cheats would damage the overall fairness of the game, while also being risky, tricky, and not really worth the time.

Who is the best clash of clans player?

Top Players of 2020 for Clash of Clans

Player ID Player Name
1. Lenaide Valentin Rozel
2. Ast Anton Röyskö
3. BuMm Kang, SangBum
4. Jojo23 Jonas Gohl

What order should I upgrade in clash of clans?

Upgrade Priority List

  1. Heroes.
  2. Storages, Laboratory, Spell Factory.
  3. Clan Castle, Barracks, Army Camp, Spell Factory.
  4. If you are TH12: Giga Tesla.
  5. If you are TH11: Eagle Artillery.
  6. If you are TH 10: Inferno, X-Bows.
  7. If you are TH 9: X-Bows.
  8. Collectors, Mines, Drills.
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How do you skip upgrade time in clash of clans?

Of course you are going to use gems for skiping time for your buildings upgrade time and army training time. There is no other way or option to skip the time in the game. If you want to have fun in the game by having infinite gems and stuff like that you should try a COC privat server.