How do I protect my base in clash of clans?

How do you defend your base in clash of clans with troops?

If you are in a clan, and other members of your clan donate troops to you, they will be stored in your clan castle and come out for defense. This is the only way that I know of to defend with troops. So no, you can’t train troops and use them for defense. However, others may donate troops that you can use for defense.

How do you keep your village safe in clash of clans?

Just go to google play and search for COC shield. Install the app. Open the app and click the Start button. Your village will be protected.

What is the best troop for defense in clash of clans?

The best troops for defense are: Electro Drag – Nothing beats the electro drag. With an extremely high hit points it is hard to kill easily. Also it is effective at taking out groups of troops such as Bowlers, Hog Riders, Valkyries and can even take out a medium level Archer Queen from full health with a single hit.

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How can I donate troops?

Go to clan chat, and look for a request. It will have a green button entitled “donate”. If you have troops lying around, and those are the ones requested, click on the button.

What should I protect most in Clash of Clans?

Storages – Unless you are designing a war base or in a full scale trophy push, your storages are the most important building to protect. Of the storages, the most important resource in the game is dark elixir. Outside of your TH, dark elixir storage should be your most protected building.

How do I stop someone else from using my Clash of Clans account?

There are two ways to do so.

  1. you can delete the account from their device if you have access to it. ( …
  2. you can contact support and tell them someone has access to your account in which they will lock your account and ask you to verify it is you so they unlock it and link your account to a brand new supercell id.

Can someone steal your COC account?

Your account may be hacked if someone has access to your password. Your account may be hacked by family members or close friends if they know the lock code of your device. Your account may also be hacked if you connect to the game on another person’s device.

Can I sell my Clash of Clans base?

There is no offical way of selling your clans of clans account. Your account can even be banned if you try to sell it. But the people who do sell their account need to give their buyers the gmail ID with which the game is linked.

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How do you fortify a base in project zomboid?

Chop down a tree with an axe and then use a saw to turn logs into planks. Disassemble furniture using a hammer and a saw. Find them in warehouses and sheds.

How do you protect your base in Ark?

Plant Species X – a unique defensive structure, this plant acts like an auto turret, but it is grown, rather than built. You’ll need a large crop pot, as well as plenty of resources, water, and fertilizer, but once the plant is grown, you can use it to defend your base even while you’re offline.