Is the StarCraft story over?

StarCraft II: Blizzard explains why Legacy of the Void isn’t the end of the series. … StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void (out now on PC and Mac) wraps up a story that began in 1998 with the release of the original StarCraft. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the long-running real-time strategy series.

Will there be a StarCraft 3?

Starcraft 3 does not have a release date because it hasn’t been made yet. Fans likely expect a sequel following the first two games, but that’s just not the case so far. In fact, Blizzard hasn’t mentioned any plans to make a third Starcraft game. … Fortunately for Starcraft fans, they went on to form Frost Giant Studios.

Will StarCraft story continue?

The StarCraft storyline will continue in some form post-Legacy of the Void, though as of August 2015, Blizzard was still deciding what form the continuation will take.

Has StarCraft story ended?

“We’re going to continue supporting StarCraft 2 in the same manner as we have with our previous longstanding games, such as Brood War, focusing primarily on what our core and competitive communities care about most,” Blizzard wrote. …

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What happened at the end of StarCraft?

Epilogue: Into the Void

Some time after Amon’s defeat on Aiur, Kerrigan sends a psionic call to Raynor and Artanis, directing them back to Ulnar as a staging ground for an invasion of the Void in order to permanently end Amon’s threat.

Is StarCraft 2 still popular?

SC2 has been out for 5 years and still has the most active RTS fan base and is a top 5 eSport in relation to viewership and prize pools.

Is StarCraft coming to Xbox?

Starcraft is joining the Xbox family alongside the Activision and Blizzard acquisition by Microsoft. With Microsoft purchasing Activision and Blizzard, several notable franchises will join the Xbox family. One of the older franchises owned by Blizzard is the isometric RTS Starcraft.

Is Kerrigan alive?

As Raynor deserts Mengsk in disgust, Kerrigan is presumed dead. However, Kerrigan does not perish, and as the second chapter begins, the player is charged by the Zerg hive mind, the Overmind, to protect a chrysalis it claims will be its greatest creation.

Does StarCraft 2 still get updates?

Share via: it’s been a good run, but sadly, Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed it’s stopped development on StarCraft II and is instead looking to the future of its properties.

Is artanis a Dark Templar?

Artanis was swarmed by a horde of zerglings and hydralisks as the phase prism overcharged, and almost overwhelmed, but he managed to hold off and was recalled just as the prism detonated. In doing so, Artanis completed the Shadow Walk in the eyes of Matriarch Vorazun, making him a true dark templar.

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Is StarCraft 1 or 2 better?

Both at the time of their release were the best looking RTS around and both were powerful, but as time passes, SC2 is just the better technical game, but in relation to their time of release, both were ahead of their time. As for campaigns, both are top notch really.

Was StarCraft supposed to be a 40k game?

A little known fact about Starcraft is that the game, very early on in its development, was going to be an adaptation of the Warhammer 40k universe into an RTS. While that game did eventually happen with a different developer, it was supposed to be Blizzard that made it.

Will there ever be a StarCraft movie?

Despite many rumors over the years and the series’ success as a game franchise, in novelizations, and with a variety of collectibles and merchandise, no film or TV adaptation has been confirmed. …

Do Kerrigan and Raynor end up together?

It would actually make Raynor more relaxed and not as depressed as he did when Kerrigan turned into the biggest threat of the Koprulu Sector. In the end, I do believe that Raynor and Kerrigan ended up together in a happy ending.

Where did Raynor go?

Raynor is captured by Nova and Mengsk declares that he was executed, much to Kerrigan’s grief. However, Mengsk later contacts Kerrigan and reveals that Raynor is still alive and under his custody, using him as a leverage to have her keep the Zerg swarm, now reunited under her command, away from Dominion Territory.

What happened to the Protoss?

Seventy percent of protoss on Aiur were killed. The protoss fled to Shakuras, followed by a zerg faction. The protoss destroyed the renegade zerg, saving themselves but advancing Sarah Kerrigan’s aims.

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