Question: How do you win battles in Warcraft 3?

How do you win an Orc in Warcraft 3?

A good solid game plan for Orc mirror that a lot of players follow is:

  1. Blademaster first.
  2. Tech after two burrows.
  3. Creep a lot.
  4. Try to cancel your opponents Tier 2 buildings while not losing your own.
  5. Shadow Hunter second and creep him to level 3.
  6. get to 50 , stay there will buying items and saving up gold.

What race should I play Warcraft 3?

Choosing a Warcraft 3: Reforged Race

Humans and Orcs tend to be the easiest for beginners to play as, while Night Elf and Undead are a bit more challenging in their play style. Its entirely up to the player, as tenacity and audacity will determine the long-term success of their chosen race.

How do you sell items in Warcraft 3?

Trading Hero Items between player or Allied Heroes

Heroes can trade items by simply dropping them on the ground. Once an item is on the ground anyone else can pick it up and use it, including your other Heroes, Enemy Heroes, or Ally Heroes.

How do you beat the human ORC?


  1. Against orc, use lots of air units because most of the orc’s strength lies in heavy melee. …
  2. Use Summon Bear if the Orc player is using the Far Seer or use Summon Hawk if he is using the Blademaster. …
  3. Build Towers in small clusters, separate from each other a bit.
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Who is the best wc3 player?

Top Player Rankings For WarCraft III

Player ID Player Name
1. Moon Jang, Jae Ho
2. Lyn Park, Joon
3. Infi Wang, Xu Wen
4. TH000 Huang, Xiang

How many races are there in Warcraft 3?

Warcraft III features four playable factions: The Human Alliance — a coalition of humans, dwarves, and high elves — and the Orcish Horde — composed of orcs, trolls, and minotaur-inspired tauren — return from the previous games while the Undead Scourge and the Night Elves were added as two new factions.