Quick Answer: How do you disband in army Total War Attila?

How do you disband army in Total War Attila?

The only way I found is to disband each of the units in the army first. once the lord is by himself, the button changes from ‘replace’ to ‘disband’.

How do you disband Troy in army total war?

To disband units in Total War Saga Troy, select the troops from the list of available units (by holding down Control and clicking LMB you can easily select several units) and press the small “Disband” shown above the highlighted units.

How do you disband the Three Kingdoms?

And so for the entire army, click the left unit, shift click the furthest right unit. Then disband.

What does disband do in Warhammer 2?

Disbanding a unit means you are destroying it. This means you won’t be able to recover it and you have basically lost all items and experience it had.

How do you recruit a mythical unit?

To recruit these units, you’ll have to construct a proper building. You can recruit Harpies, Centaurs, Giants and Mermaids; Once you have reached the maximum level of worship of a specific God, you will unlock access to the recruitment of a specific mythological being.

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