Quick Answer: What troops should I use in clash of clans?

What is the best troops to use in Clash of Clans?

Dragons are one of the strongest troops, with high HP and high DPS. They also deal small area splash damage (although this splash damage component is very powerful on defense versus a large number of weak troops like Archers). 10 Dragons will usually destroy a full TH7 village in about a minute and a half.

What is the best troop in Clash of Clans 2021?

2 Best: PEKKA

Easily the best Clash of Clans character is the PEKKA. These metallic monsters have both the highest attack and the highest health out of every troop in the game.

What is the best troop to upgrade in Clash of Clans?

In clash of clan pekka is the best choice for max out the first as it’s have highest hitpoint amongst other troops and damage per second also . so, without any thought max out this troop if you can because it’s take lot of time and cost to upgrading this thing.

Is Pekka the strongest?

The P.E.K.K.A is likely a reference to D.A.V.E. from Backyard Monsters. Both have names that don’t stand for anything in particular, both are robotic in nature and both were considered the strongest regular troop in their respective games.


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Patch Description
October 12, 2020 Added the level 9 P.E.K.K.A.

Is it possible to hack COC?

It’s important to understand that hacking Clash of Clans—that is, changing the game’s code to give yourself extra resources or items—is impossible, and attempting to do so will typically result in your Android phone or computer being infected with a virus.

Are Pekkas good COC?

It is actually a good defensive-turned-offensive(counter push) card. It can stop Mighty pushes eg. take golem, Valkyrie and wizard. Dropping pekka on top of valk and wizard and golem gives 200–300 damage to your tower but your pekka lives with 80 percent health and you have an Elixir advantage of 10.

Is Archer or barbarian better?

Archers are less robust than barbarians, starting with only 20 hit points at Level 1, less than half as much as the barbarian. Archers do 7 points of damage per second and cost 50 elixir to train at Level 1. … At Level 3, she has 28 hit points, does 12 points of damage per second, and costs 120 elixir to train.

What means Pekka?

As for the name’s meaning in Clash of Clans, PEKKA stands for Perfectly Enraged Knight Killer of Assassins.

Is Pekka worth upgrading?

If dragons or pekkas are useful to you, then definitely consider upgrading them.

What Should I max out first in clash of clans?

Heroes are the most important upgrade in the game. It’s more important than any defense or regular troop. If you have maxed Heroes you own the game and can attack any village regardless of defenses or base layout.

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Is Mini Pekka a boy?

The Mini P.E.K.K.A’s gender is confirmed as a male, according to the Mini P.E.K.K.A commercial. The Clash of Clans Twitter account erroneously referred to the Mini P.E.K.K.A as a she in a tweet.

What is the mega Knight weakness?

The Mega Knight is helpless against air troops such as Minions and Bats, so it is best to pair him with other troops that can attack air, by using such as the Archers, the Wizard, or the Executioner. A Zap spell will not stop the Mega Knight from jumping once his charge initiates, neither does any stun effect.

How is Pekka a girl?

Pekka is a girl because on loading screen of coc it comes that the armour of pekka is so strong that spring trap doesn’t work on HER. It is basically a female knight. If you play the game frequently, you may have or would​ be noticing it at the time of loading.