What units should I upgrade in clash of clans?

What troops should I upgrade in clash of clans?

Upgrade troops.

Archers and barbarians are the easiest to upgrade and are described as “Tier 1” troops. Giants and wall breakers are “Tier 2” and so on. As you progress to higher Town Hall levels, upgrading troops becomes incredibly expensive.

What is the best unit in clash of clans?

2 Best: PEKKA

Easily the best Clash of Clans character is the PEKKA. These metallic monsters have both the highest attack and the highest health out of every troop in the game.

Should you upgrade all troops in COC?

You overall need to upgrade everything that you use, and some more. Because you shouldn’t be limited to just one combo, unless you are very good at it, as I know I am with govaho. But I still can do laloon variations, etc.

What is the best troop in builder base?

Barb power: If splash damage didn’t exist, barbs would be by far the strongest troop in builder base. This is because Supercell needs to balance barbs to be effective in normal circumstances in which splash damage defenses and mega mines threaten to wipe out entire packs of barbs at any moment.

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Is Pekka a girl?

P.E.K.K.A’s gender has been confirmed as female.It is the 10th troops to be unlocked in the standard Barracks. ‘The Armour on the PEKKA is so heavy, the spring trap doesn’t work on her.

Can a co leader kick a co leader?

The short answer is, you can’t. Only leader can derank himself down, not even a co-leader can kick the leader. The leader has the most power in terms of kicking. If anything the only way to get the person out is by having everybody in the clan tell him to leave or just make your own clan without the leader.

Are Pekkas good COC?

It is actually a good defensive-turned-offensive(counter push) card. It can stop Mighty pushes eg. take golem, Valkyrie and wizard. Dropping pekka on top of valk and wizard and golem gives 200–300 damage to your tower but your pekka lives with 80 percent health and you have an Elixir advantage of 10.

Are Pekkas strong?

P.E.K.K.A Explained

She is famously known for her powerful damage. Dealing over 1,000 damage on a single hit, she is the most powerful unit on the game, and it’s capable of destroying many buildings on a single hit!

Should I max all my troops before upgrading th?

The time it takes to fully build, upgrade and unlock troops at the earlier Town Hall levels is relatively short, so it is worth maxing out these earlier levels.

Should I rush my town hall?

Although it was never explicitly stated in-game that you shouldn’t rush your Town Hall, word advising newer players not to do so became commonplace. But nowadays, quality of life improvements and changes to the game economy made rushing much less of a mistake.

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Should I rush TH10?

You should not rush your Th10 max base. Reasons being: You have put in so much efforts to get TH10 max base so why spoil it? When you rush your base, opponents will most likely score a 3 star on your base.

What is BB in COC?

The Builder Base Matchmaker is hands down the most controversial aspect of the Builder Base game. Nothing generates more angst and aggravation among the player base and nothing is more misunderstood. SuperCell has a series of algorithms they use with any of their matchmakers in Clash; the BB is no different.

How do you get 6th builder COC?

And how do you do that? :

  1. You have to reach Builder Hall level 9, and then you will get a building named O.T.T.O Hut.
  2. once you upgrade this Otto hut, you will get a Robot (Otto) which will take care of your upgrades in the Builder Base and the master builder will Move to your main village as the 6th Builder,