You asked: Who can you play as in Napoleon total war?

Can you play as France in Napoleon: Total War?

France is a major playable faction in Napoleon: Total War and The Peninsular Campaign. … It is the star faction, available for every campaign.

Can you play as Italy in Napoleon: Total War?

It is set in Northern Italy during the War of the First Coalition in 1796. … It is required to unlock the Egyptian Campaign. France is the only playable faction in singleplayer.

How do you unlock the Grand Campaign in Napoleon total war?

If you want to just play the grand campaign you can start and quit the Italian and Egyptian ones and it unlocks the grand one.

What is DarthMod Napoleon total war?

Napoleon: Total War mod | Released Oct 27, 2021

DarthMod Napoleon: Hardcore Realism is a standalone expansion for Darth’s award winning mod, delivering a realistic, historically accurate gunpowder experience, geared for multiplayer battles.

How do you unlock America in Empire Total War?

The United States is an emergent faction in Empire: Total War. This faction can only be unlocked in the Grand Campaign upon completion of the Road to Independence campaign.

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