Best answer: What does all stars mean on Warcraft logs?

Warcraft Logs. @WarcraftLogs. Introducing All Star Rankings, an aggregate score across all 14 bosses (100 points per boss, max score of 1400):

What are all stars on Warcraft logs?

On character pages, All Star points earned are shown for each boss, and the absolute rank position is shown next to the points when the player is found in the current table. All Stars update once per day around 7am UTC.

What is All Star ranking Warcraft logs?

What is Ranking? Ranking is a fun way to compare your performance to your peers and the rest of the world, as long as someone in your raid logs your runs you should be able to find them on Warcraft Logs where you can filter to your class/spec and see what everyone else is running, Azerite/Corruption/Spec etc.

How are Warcraft logs points calculated?

Re: Warcraftlogs ranking basis for calculation

The all-star ranking is calculated the following way. Your highest dps parse for the fight on that difficulty divided by the absolute highest parse for your class on that same fight and difficulty all multiplied by 100.

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What is considered a good parse?

95-98: Orange is a very high percentile parse, which is generally composed of the best and typically most geared players. … 50-74: Blue is an average parse, which is just that – average.

What are parses wow?

A parse is a number you receive based on your DPS compared to other players of your given class. … Often players are judged based on how high their number is and what color bracket they fall into.

What are Warcraft logs?

Welcome to Warcraft Logs, a Web site that provides combat analysis for Blizzard’s World of Warcraft MMO. Record your combats, upload them to the site and analyze them in real time. Find out exactly what went wrong and discover what you need to do to fix it!

How do I get Warcraft logs API?

The public API is found at It uses the client credentials flow outlined in the OAuth section above, which means you just need to obtain an access token and include it in the Authorization field. The private API is found at

Can you see loot on Warcraft logs?

Warcraftlogs has an armory like character page that still has a working recent activity & loot list. As stated in the title, while checking our raids logs on warcraftlogs I searched my character in the search bar at the top and was presented with a profile for my toon, although it hadn’t been updated ever.

Where are combat logs saved?

By default, it is accessible via a Combat Log tab on the General chat window. Combat Logs may be written to a file using the /combatlog command. The resulting file may be found at LogsWoWCombatLog. txt.

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How do I turn on advanced combat logging?

Enabling Combat Logging

Go to the Network pane of System preferences in-game. Advanced Combat Logging must be turned on before you do any logging! To enable combat logging in World of Warcraft, just go to your chat window and type /combatlog. That’s all you have to do!

How do I know if my Warcraft logs are overheating?

Start HWMonitor. Run HWMonitor while you play the game until you experience the problem. Review the max temperatures reached in HWMonitor. You may have an overheating issue if your CPU goes over 60 degrees celsius, or your video card (GPU) goes over 80 degress celsius.

What does Raidlogging mean?

If you encounter an issue with a raid, you can share your raid data via the Raid Logging feature, which will allow you to upload data from raids you participate in to help Niantic improve future raids.