Frequent question: Can you donate gold and elixir in clash of clans?

Yes you can donate upto 8000 gold and 8000 elixir for every 24 hours. There are certain conditions to donate gold and elixir in COC which are: You and the player whom you are donating must have a village more than 14 days.

Can I donate gold in Clash of Clans?

When you buy a Gold Pass from the Supercell Store, you can choose to donate it to a Supercell ID Friend. In total, you can do two donations per Season. Here you can donate a Gold Pass to Friends using the “Donate” button.

Can you donate dark elixir in Clash of Clans?

You can only donate up to 2,500 Dark Elixir every 24 hours. You can only receive up to 7,500 Dark Elixir every 24 hours.

Can you donate in Clash of Clans?

When you join a Clan, you will be able to donate and request troops. You can do this by tapping on the “Request” button at Clan Castle, or the Barbarian button at the bottom of the Clan Chat. You can use these donated troops for: Attacking and defending in Multiplayer.

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How do you get 500 gems on Clash of Clans?

You will earn an achievement for clearing obstacles from your village. After clearing five obstacles, you will earn five Gems. When you remove 50 obstacles, you will earn ten Gems. When you remove 500 obstacles, you will earn 20 Gems.

How do you convert gold to Elixir?

Step one: Tap one of your elixir collectors. Step 2: Tap the “Upgrade” button. This drains a little bit of gold. Step III: Wait until the upgrade finishes.

What does the Xmas tree give you in Clash of Clans?

1 Answer. It gives you 75,000 gold. So you get back 50,000 in return for cutting it that costs 25,000.

Is it better to leave loot in clan castle?

According to this only 3% of the loot stored in your clan castle can be taken during a raid. Whereas 20% can be stolen from your gold storage and elixir storage according to the wiki. Therefore it is safer to keep your loot in the clan castle if you don’t plan on spending it immediately.

Can I donate gems in COC?

No, gems can’t be transferred. You can buy gifts for your clan on some special occasions.

Do I have to buy gold pass every season?

The Gold Pass is purchased in the Season Challenges view. It needs to be purchased again from the Shop for each Season Challenges season. It does not renew automatically. The Gold Pass is valid for one Season Challenges season, and each season lasts a calendar month.

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Can you donate boosted troops COC?

Only Players who have super troops (boosted) Can donate And you can only receive super troops That are allowed by your clan castle.

Can you skip time in Clash of Clans?

There is no other way or option to skip the time in the game. If you want to have fun in the game by having infinite gems and stuff like that you should try a COC privat server.

Is there any cheats for Clash of Clans?

So to put it simply: No, you can’t use cheats in Clash of Clans.