How do protectorates work in Empire Total War?

Protectorates cede some of their income to their protector nations, in exchange for a pledge from the protector faction to ally itself with it and declare war on enemies invading the protectorate and vice versa. Protectorates also automatically grant indefinite military access to their protector faction.

How do you protectorate in Empire Total War?

Empire: Total War

Players may choose to request other nations to become their protectorate in the diplomacy screen. Under normal circumstances, a faction cannot ask another faction which is already a protectorate to become a protectorate.

What does become protectorate mean?

A protectorate is a state that is controlled and protected by another sovereign state. It is a dependent territory that has been granted local autonomy over most internal affairs while still recognizing the suzerainty of a more powerful sovereign state without being its direct possession.

What is the best faction in Empire Total War?

Prussia is deceptively strong, probably the strongest faction in the game on turn 1, so you may want to be careful about antagonizing the Ottomans too early! The real fun of Austria is in building up your underdeveloped empire and using your mixed bag lategame armies.

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How do you get allies in Empire Total War?

When you have very good relations with some nations you can make an alliance with them. It may result in even better relations and will allow you to demand a military support. When someone is declaring war to you, you can ask your allies for help.

How is a protectorate different from a colony?

Colonies are territories of their colonial masters who exercise full control over all aspects of the colony while protected states and protectorates retain their sovereignty. The state giving protection to protected states and protectorates is responsible for the latter’s external relations and defence.

Why is protectorate important?

The Protectorate is important in other ways. It was a British, not an English, regime, uniting England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland under a single system of government and, for the first time, giving all the component nations seats in a single, new, elected British parliament.

What are the benefits of protectorate?

This is because both nations tend to benefit from the relationship. A sovereign nation may take on a protectorate for a variety of reasons, including access to trade routes, minerals, or raw materials for industry. It could also be to gain prestige on an international scale.

What is the best faction in total war Troy?

If you’re looking for a faction that is perfect for a novice or casual player and, at the same time, easy to manage in order to complete the story campaign of Total War Saga Troy, then you should choose the faction led by Sarpedon. Sarpedon has a very good starting position without many threats.

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What does DarthMod do for Empire Total War?

DarthMod allows you to start a campaign with 40 units stack armies (instead of 20), and those armies are filled with regiments that sometimes include up to 500 units (mostly around 300/350). A full army stack will generally amount to 10 000 soldiers (and that’s if you count 8 to 10 artillery units).

How do you beat the Grand Campaign in Rome 2?

Economic victory

  1. Completely control the following 6 provinces: Italia, Africa, Syria, Bosporus, Baetica, Asia.
  2. Hold 90 settlements.
  3. Maintain trade relations with 20 factions.
  4. Hold at least one of every strategic resource.
  5. At the end of your turn, have an income of at least 80000 talents.
  6. Maintain 70 units.