How do you farm XP in clash of clans?

How to earn more XP in COC – Quora. most easiest one is to just donate, the more you donate the more XP you get, i have seen many town hall 7 or 8 players at level 200 who have gotten there from donating. clear the obstacles on your base, not only do they give XP, they also provide you with gems!

What is the fastest way to get XP in clash of clans?

The best way is to join a clan and donate troops – the more troops you donate, the more XP you will gain. If you are in need of a clan, go to the Supercell forum or search in Clan Wars Assist, a free iOS app which lists hundreds of clans. Fastest way for me is joining a clan, donating and leaving it.

How do you get Clan XP in clash of clans?

Clan XP is gained by successfully competing in Clan Wars and Clan Games. Every new Clan will begin at experience (XP) Level 1. XP is unlocked as follows: Defeat an enemy War Base to earn Clan XP.

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Does builder base give XP?

There are achievements who offer little XP (50) or large amount (1000, 2000). Use your Builder Base. Remove obstacles on both Bases (Normal and Builder).

Who is the top player of COC?

Top Players of 2020 for Clash of Clans

Player ID % of Total
1. Lenaide 58.75%
2. Ast 72.89%
3. BuMm 72.89%
4. Jojo23 72.89%

Does CWL give clan XP?

Clan XP from attacks is rewarded from each War in the same way as in regular Clan Wars. However, the loot earned from Clan War League attacks is doubled to compensate for the fact that only one attack per player can be made in each war. League Medals can be spent in the Shop in the “League Shop” tab.

What is the highest XP level in clash of clans?

His level is 389.

  • He was formerly in the clan named Req N Go which still has a lot of high level players.
  • He has donated a lot of troops to achieve that level.
  • EDIT – answer is quite old , currently NET ( a french female player ) is the player with highest legit XP.

What is the highest clan level in COC 2021?

Clash Of Clans – New world record! the highest level clan in the world! Level 19 clan in clash of clans!

Does upgrading walls give XP?

For example, upgrading from a Level 9 wall to a Level 10 wall would give you 10XP. Even at 300 walls, that’s only 3,000XP which is nearly 1/3 of a level for me (I’m Level 170.)

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What is the longest Clash of Clans upgrade?

Originally Answered: What is the longest upgrade in Clash of Clans? The longest upgrade so far is 18 days, which is the eagle artillery and the clan castles. you still have 16 days upgrades but the longest one is 18 days. 14 days is the longest upgrade time.

How long does it take to Max COC?

So, how long does it take to max Town Hall 14 in Clash of Clans? On average, a player would take around twelve to sixteen months to max Town Hall 14 completely provided that the player is very active, has more than four builders, and participates in Clan War Leagues (CWL) and Clan Games (CG).

What is the oldest clan in Clash of Clans?

Oldest and still active clan in the game’s history is THE ORDER (#2PP) level 2 clan. They are officially recognised by supercell to be the 1st clan of the game. Their war log is public so you can see the first war they played was 1004 days ago as on March 20, 2017.

Which country has most Clash of Clans players?

Clash of Clans most popular countries (%)

Year Percentage of active daily participation
United States 18.92
Turkey 6.17
China 4.09
Germany 3.65

Who invented CoC?

Clash of Clans was developed by Supercell, the company behind other popular mobile games like Hay Day.