What does Rogan mean aoe2?

What do aoe2 villagers say?

Villagers speak what he is doing when we select them like “Farmer”, “Lumber-jack” , “Miner” and etc. When a villager is idle, he answers “Order” on selecting. Same goes with other units like Monks and Knights and etc.

What does Roggan mean?

Roggan. rog′an, n. (prov.) a rocking-stone.

What does 105 mean in AOE?

105. You can resign again.

What language do villagers speak in Age of Empires?

Many of the words in AOEI are more derived from Latin (i.e. erectus) than Dutch or Germanic languages. It seems to be mostly Germanic/ Dutch derivatives. I noticed this because it’s similar to my language Afrikaans, which itself is a Germanic Dutch derivative.

What does 11 mean in aoe2?

It means laugh be ause 11 is the chat command to play a laughing voice.

What language do the English speak in AOE 4?

Age of Empires IV has you build up the English civilization across four eras: the Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, English Gothic, and Tudor eras. Each Age has its distinct style from architecture to armor, with populations speaking Old English in the Dark Age and evolving to Early Modern English by the Imperial Age.

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What does 230 mean in Age of Empires 2?

; 230 – Tells the AI to go for a monk rush (taunt only works on civs who have good monks).

What does 1 mean in Age of Empires?

+1 (attack) / +1 (defence) So when someone says Kts with +2 he means knights with +2 armour. If they say knights with +1 +1 he means knights with +1 armour and +1 attack.

How do you taunt in AOE?

Simply open up the chat (default key is enter) and enter the number of the taunt you want to use.

What language is aoe2?

Almost certainly C++. C++ has been the dominant programming language for professional games since the 1990s. Given that the game came out in the late 1990s (and a remastered edition in 2013), C++ is almost a given.

Does Age of Empires use real languages?

The game will feature narrated documentaries throughout the campaigns, time period-accurate language and music, as well as art and game design that looks to take inspiration from both world history and the history of the Age of Empires franchise.